Five Star(s)

The day after the preseason testing solidified one thing. Five Star Bodies was gonna be busy for the next two weeks. Joe Hoffman, manager of the company who provides bodies and windows for short track cars all the way to the ARCA level told us, “I thought someone was playing a trick on all of us to be honest. We are still in the winter rush, just finishing up all of the ARCA stuff for speedweeks, then I get this call.” Employees are calling it the “Bash at Bristol.” Whatever you may refer to it as, these guys are calling it overtime.

Teams will be putting in extra shop time as well to catch up from all of the carnage. Bristol saw so many yellows that races end was the most welcome event of the night. One car even ended up on its roof. Some good news however is that all data collected by Goodyear’s short track division was excellent, and all signs indicate tire wear was at a minimum and held up well to the big half miles’ 36* banking. Goodyear sets a minimum tire pressure and camber adjustment for every track on the tour.

Five Star is not the sole supplier to the SCOR Series, but a majority of the teams utilize their products to skin their cars for race day.

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  1. Alex Light’s racing team is a big fan of Five Star products. And after that test session god knows we emptied our stock of all products and had to ask for a refill.

  2. You see, I tried just to carry over my Diddler Cup car and just work with that, but apparently I can’t use a Pontiac Bonneville in this series, so I had to resort on the Thunderbird, because it reminds me of my favorite pre-race beverage.

  3. Most businesses experience a holiday rush, y’all have that joy to contend with a little later on in the year than Christmas. Thanks for keeping this demo derby in the racing business.

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