Drunk Tuck Makes a Splash

Drunk Tuck made a small name for himself when he joined the circuit and put his name and his sponsorship hype piece out. However, Tuck came out and made an impact quite early in his pimped out Dino Mobile sponsored by Jurassic Park and Sinclair Oil. The combined efforts of his two sponsors resulted in a car that has a nice theme throughout and definitely appeals to younger audiences as well as the nostalgic 90s fan. Obviously, Tuck’s sponsors are wanting to get their name out there as the build up to their upcoming Jurassic World 2 film, but Tuck is going to need to make some more noise for them to truly feel like they are getting their money’s worth.


So far Tuck has had some ups and downs but he did miss the first 7 races and had to get a feel for the other drivers out there. Some may be disappointed with how he performed in his first race at Kalamazoo Speedway but those close to Drunk Tuck said two things. First he was pleased with his 16th place finish in his first race on a professional track. Second, he did not have much else to say about the race because he was too drunk to recall much of that day and the evening that followed.


Tuck’s career should be an interesting one to follow.




  1. Here’s hopinh Tucks Career doesn’t go extinct too fast and he can avoid an ice age for the beginning of next season, or at least stay sober enough to close the season out well.

  2. Drunk Tuck will be doing much better in S3 when there is more space on the track after the “Great Inactive Purge” goes into effect (also code named Order 67)

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