Drunk Tuck Joins the Fray

A new face has joined the hunt to be the best racer. While his career has yet to really start his reputation for recklessness has proceeded him and the racer has decided to go with an alias. However, it does not look like going by the alias “Drunk Tuck” is going to fool anybody regarding this man’s past transgressions or his identity, so it may have been better to go a different direction.


Apparently Drunk Tuck already has some of his sponsors lined up but he was unable to secure any with major alcohol producers because of his refusal to sign a contract that stipulated he would abide by their standard marketing slogans of things like “drink responsibly” or “enjoy responsibly.” It is obvious to anybody that knows this individual that he does not exactly fit the mold of somebody who is capable of doing those things in the future or has ever done them in the past.


The identity of his current sponsorship deals are still under wraps but we are expecting a big announcement to come when his car design is revealed to the public. However, people in Tuck’s camp seem to think that the car has the potential to be a fan favorite early on. Tuck is hoping to be a contender early on in the lower circuit to maintain the early hype surrounding his sponsors and build a loyal following that will be maintained throughout his career. There is not much else out about him, but the two hints we received was that he is planning on brining Stock car racing back from extinction and he might have a movie cameo to kick off his career in an upcoming blockbuster movie.


Until then, we will stay tuned for me details.


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