Drunk Tuck Finishes S2 Strong

Drunk Tuck came into this season as a bit of an underdog after missing half of the races. However, despite the handicap to his point totals his sponsors had placed some pretty aggressive expectations on him in the back half of the season.


Sinclair was set on Tuck getting at least one top 5 finish in the final half of the races despite his limited experience behind the wheel. Somehow, many speculate alcohol was involved, Drunk Tuck agreed to those terms.


To make matters even more of a gamble, Jurassic Park wanted their new driver to finish in the top 20 in points for the course of a season. This was in spite of the fact that Tuck was not present for half of the races.


Tuck had a couple of close calls to living up to his end of his contract with Sinclair with not one, but two sixth place finishes at both Winchester Speedway and New Smyrna, but unfortunately he was not able to crack the top 5. Going into the Lacrosse Fairgrounds Tuck was outside the top 20 and had not landed his top 5 finish and it looked like he would disappoint both of his sponsors.


There was a glimmer of hope for at least achieving his Sinclair goal when he was able to qualify at Lacrosse in the 5th position with a hot start. But Tuck had a history of performing better in qualifiers than when the rubber hit the road. It looked like the race at Lacrosse was going to be no different after Tuck fell into 6th early and a minor fender bender pushed him all the way back to 8th.


This time however, luck was on Drunk Tuck’s side and after a massive pileup on the asphalt Tuck was able to survive some contact and move into the second position late in the race. Tuck held on like his career depended on it and was able to finish the race behind the best, S. Spencer III. Tuck’s second place finish at Lacrosse was enough to not only secure his deal with Sinclair, but also pushed him into the top 20, at place number 20, earning him a big payout from Jurassic Park.


Drunk Tuck’s first season was a short one, but things are looking up and he could not be more pleased with how things ended. Things are definitely looking good for Drunk Tuck going into season three.


    • Can’t believe James stayed down. Part of me really hopes he doesn’t win it all, though at this point I really can’t imagine it.

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