Drunk Tuck Changing Sponsor For T2: Sinclair to Spark Spencer III

Drunk Tuck, a New Orleans native, has decided to change his sponsor from Sinclair to Spark Spencer III in a celebratory gesture for Spark’s cousin Carlito Crush joining Tuck’s hometown team the New Orleans Second Line. The move is an unprecedented one but you know how Americans are about their football…they mean business.

It is said Tuck’s former sponsor Sinclair is not pleased with being dropped from the up and coming racer, and he is supposedly going to take a big hit for failing to honor his contract. When, Drunk Tuck was interviewed he drunkenly yelled, “WHO CARES! CRUSH AND THE SECOND LINE ARE WINNING AN ULTUMUS!”


  1. Maybe next season for that Ultimus, eh?

    I’m switching sponsors to one that’s closer to home and because I’m not making top 20 points in T1 to stay with Boeing.

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