Dave Lake Comments on Form Last Night

“It was an interesting night for sure. The first race I really pushed hard, and was able to finish top five. The second race, I was fighting pretty hard to stay in the top ten, then I just got some bad luck and got caught up in the crash. Restarted middle of the pack, and I just couldn’t claw my way back and I finished a lap down. That’s something I’m going to have to really work on as the season goes on, being able to climb my way back up after a fall. The third race was just one of those nights. Didn’t do so hot in qualifying, and just had trouble finding my way to the top. When it comes down to it, I’m just going to need to make some adjustments to the car, and go over somethings with my spotters and Crew Chief. ” – Dave Lake

Lake During The Race Last Night

Last night definitely had its ups and downs for Dave Lake. The driver started the first race in third, and would stay in the top five for a good chunk of the race. Lake would even lead for a while, but by the time the race was over, he had finished fourth. The next race was less kind, as he would start second, but by the end of the race would finish a lap down in the 27th position. The final race of the night saw Lake start 14th and finish 18th, again a lap behind.

Though finishing poorly the last two races, Lake remains optimistic about the upcoming season. So far this preseason, Lake has finished in the Top Ten in four out of the seven races he has been apart of. If he can keep that type of finishing up during the season, he could find himself in a very good position to finish high in the first season of the STSC division of SCOR.


  1. Lake really got hit with bad luck on the track in the latest batch of pre-season races. I do believe he’ll be among the favourites for a Top 5 finish at the end of the season though.

  2. It’s tough gauging our cars with short bursts of action. It’ll be interesting to see how accidents and such pan out over the course of a long season

  3. Congrats to Dave Lake great read …you’ll make a great pit reporter..
    (Crew chief whispers in Cody’s ear..)
    ….Oh …he’s a driver ?!?
    Well, he’ll still make a great pit reporter. ?

  4. Well, I look forward to grinding it out against you over the course of this season if you keep the consistency up (and my car doesn’t die)!

  5. Chin up — testing isn’t always the best indication for how people’s fortunes pan out during the season. I imagine Lake has a few surprises up his sleeves for us yet.

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