Conagher, Spencer clash after North Wilkesboro

Conagher (#6, center) spins out as Spencer (#82, right) heads for the wall

Following the carnage in STSC at North Wilkesboro, rookie Dell Conagher (#6) confronted second-year veteran Adam Spencer (#82) in the pits, bringing many choice words with him. Spencer spun out Conagher in turn 1 on lap 52 of the 60-lap race in a field where all active STSC drivers qualified and raced in one A Main. Spencer would ultimately finish 18th, while Conagher finished 20th.

As both drivers entered the turn, Spencer was one lane inside Conagher and in Conagher’s blind spot. Spencer then bumped Conagher’s rear left when he rose higher, sending both into the wall and slowing down the race for a caution less than one lap after the previous restart. Conagher exploded to his crew over their race radio once the car had settled back down.

“That just ain’t right!” Conagher shouted after a string of unrepeatable ravings. “If he’s gonna commit inside and get in my blind spot, he can’t get loose like that! His slip cost us both! He cost me! He better keep anything that’ll protect his a** on once I get my hands on him!”

Conagher repeated these sentiments to Spencer on pit row after the race, with his pit crew following behind him ready to restrain him rather than assist him in the event the confrontation turned violent. Conagher didn’t seem willing to accept Spencer’s response at the time of the encounter.

“I guess with how many incidents I’d been dodging today, it was a matter of time,” Conagher answered to a reporter a short while after approaching Spencer. “That still don’t make me any less mad than a buckin’ bull gettin’ somethin’ waved in its face. I’m onto him from here on.”


    • I’ll keep it civilized enough to not bring a swingin’ wrench when I talk to someone after a race. I don’t mind getting beat so long as I don’t get caught like this.

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