Clouds Looming Over Lake

“It’s been an interesting few weeks to say the least. I thought I’d be able to start the season really well, but I started to run into issues and my consistency really dropped. I don’t think there is one thing that I can pinpoint and point at and say that’s what is really causing me to do poorly. All I can really do right now is continue to work on my car and keep tweaking and improving my technique. I’ve also been talking with my spotters and crew chief, and we’ve come up with a few ideas that I’ll be implementing into our race day prep to help us on the track. I don’t want to reveal all my plans, but one idea we’ve thought of is putting more scouting into the short tracks. I’ve been ignoring the track condition and where the worst spots on the track are and I think it’s been hurting me really badly. Hopefully I’ll be able to start getting into more Top 10 finishes in the A-Main soon.”

Dave Lake had a lot to say to the Raceline Reports after being unavailable for comment after the last few races. After back to back races where Lake qualified and finished poorly, he was quick to load the hauler and get on the road and head to the next track. The low point for Lake these last few weeks was in the Midwest Spring Nationals at the Rockford Speedway in Illinois. Lake would have the worst qualifying time of all the others drivers, with a time of 13.987 seconds. Finishing the race in 8th, Lake was visibly upset and called a meeting with his pit crew as well as spotters. Judging by the poor performance, we could only assume that frustrations were being vented, as well as brainstorming ways to improve for next race were being discussed. It seems that the meeting has worked, as Lake was able to race his way from the B-Main into the A-Main, and finish 9th at the Mid-Season Classic.