Chester Curd Gets Closer to the Winners Circle (Post Race Interview – Practice #2 and #3)

The STSC drivers have had an incredibly busy week so far, traveling to four tracks over four days and engaging in practice sessions on the track. Drivers have started to emerge as frontrunners, but some find themselves both in and out of the top tier. One of those drivers is Chester Curd.

Bristol was an absolute fuster cluck, with many drivers having significant difficulties on the track. After three practice sessions, I cannot name a single driver who did not end up in some sort of altercation. The mix of the high-intensity racing plus the minimal room to avoid collisions put the hurt on every single driver in the field. The upside is that by the third race it seemed that the drivers had a bit more mastery of the track and some solid racing was put on for the crowd.

Of the three tracks that the drivers took on Wednesday, perhaps the best racing was done at Kalamazoo. Accidents were kept to a minimum, drivers kept close to the leader, and there were a lot of packs that our racers had to navigate. The last five laps ended under green, with the #84 James car inching out the #41 Bowey car. Chester Curd finished at #7.

After a series of top 10 finishes for Curd, he finally demonstrated that he is a force to be reckoned with at Martinsville. Curd fought through and ended up leading the main pack of drivers during the last half of the race, but couldn’t close the gap between himself and Gunnabee. The #84 James car had another positive outing, finishing 2nd.

However, despite early success for James and Curd, a new pack of racers dominated the track at Slinger. The #9 Oats car took the win after 70 laps, but the most impressive feat was the amount of drivers who finished within seconds of the leader. That type of racing will keep the fans coming back to watch the STSC.


  1. Good article CC,
    It’s good to see that some drivers are making the necessary adjustments and progress to use the STSC division as the spring board it was intended to be…
    Others most notably Cody Ghostspeed have found the beginning of this to be like a little child In a Chinese finger trap.
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…take it off.

  2. Thoughts on the final pre-season races being on a 1-mile oval & a road circuit? STSC won’t go on these but do you think they could bring you a good outlook at your future with you potentially moving up categories in the following seasons?

  3. Good read. Bristol was uhhhhh something, eh? Anyways, I’m not too happy with how I’ve performed thusfar and some changes are going to be needed. Curd is probably in the same boat.

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