Changes in the Wind

Change. It’s the only thing that stays the same. So far this season, things aren’t going as planned for Rick James and company. Sliding further down the standings after another inexplainable subpar performance, James May be looking to shake things up a bit. What does that really mean? Well nothing has happened that we know of as this piece is going to press. One must think changes are coming within the team though.

The obvious change would be to move away from RJR boss Silky Johnson. Johnson had James on fire heading into the first race of the season off of a very successful preseason rounds of testing. The rest of RJR is still on the hook though. The team hasn’t exactly been up to snuff, costing Rick the first race on pit road after dominating the first part of the event. It seems answers will be coming soon though, as Rick himself commented earlier today, “I think this group is much better than what you all see, but I have decisions to make and that might mean people leaving. Now off to the China Club, bitch! Hah hah !”

Only time will tell what is going through the head of Rick James. MYbe a change will do them good, or maybe he’s had one too many lines off of a redhead in the back of the China Club.

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  1. I’m about ready to go back to the SHL if I’m gonna be thus mediocre. At least there it’s a team environment. But this is soooooo much easier.

  2. I’d stick it out if I were you. Especially if you decide to stay down when the field stretches out once T2 opens up. You’ll have more opportunities all around.

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