Camshaftgate: Suspects, Motivations, and a Clue

Crews cover their cars as a rain delay is called during STSC's race at Bristol this season.

Last week, new revelations came out in the Camshaft Controversy, also referred to as Camshaftgate, as an unidentified person allegedly stole a #8 Tigole Bitties mechanic fire suit and sabotaged Alex Light’s ride at both Richmond & Milwaukee races, costing the Canadian driver many precious points that left him out of title contention earlier than expected. Bitties was cleared of all suspicion following the camera footage. However both drivers are still at odds with one another.

Some journalists have been quick to point fingers among the field of drivers in the NSRS who have had some issues with the Montreal native. Tilly Tamburlaine was an early suspect in the case, with her multiple altercations with Light on pit road following practice sessions. She then caught everyone by surprise at the start of off-season by signing with LightSpeed Racing Team a couple days later before any traction came to these allegations.


Among the current suspects Kevin Keselowski, Charlotte Bowey and Robert Phelps have been thrust into the spotlight as of late.

Keselowski was seen blaming Light for his crash at EuroSpeedway Lausitz, the third race of the season. Further evidence did show that Keselowski crashed by himself. All signs point to him not being aggressive enough to take action.

Bowey was well on her way to victory at Bristol Motor Speedway before getting blocked by lapped traffic in front of her. Light came up on the inside line and blocked her from moving down. Light went on to win the race. Bowey, known for being aggressive with everyone on track is not known for being aggressive off track however.

Lastly, Phelps did hold a grudge with Light after the latter was named Canadian Sim Racer of the Year at the end of Season 1. Although Phelps did win Rookie of the Year in STSC, this clearly wasn’t enough for him and he did express his disappointment in Light being named a better driver than him stating that “Light failed to join F1 and I’ll show how much better I am than him at racing”.


The prime suspects refused to comment on these accusations by the media. Today they are in the spotlight. Tomorrow it’ll be some other drivers for sure. That’s the way the media goes. In the meantime, NCIS is continuing their investigation, their only lead being a torn off corner of a business card.

Torn corner of business card found in Light’s garage is the only evidence found.


NCIS has requested that anyone holding any information contact them directly.


  1. Look like somebody tryin to tie me up in this shit. Only thing I tear up are drunk white girls in the back of the China club !

  2. Can’t blame Stevens. If he had been sabotaging the camshafts, somebody would have caught him in the act and passed him for 7th.

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