Bally Enters SCO Racing – Will Become 2 League Racer

Mobile, ALABAMA – A somewhat familiar face has decided to join the new fledgling racing company that’s starting out.

You might know Wooba Bally from one of two different expeditions. His first, chronicling his ‘Checkered’ Past, shows his story of progression in the stock car world, from the Featherlite Modified Series and the Craftsman Truck series. His social media moniker ‘#Last2First’ was an instant hit with the fans, which helped a local man from Mobile to start a ‘Wooba Bally Fan Club’. Beaumont Jenkins found pride in representing a man like Bally, whose aggression on the track made him an instant favorite with the fans. ‘It was like watching a possessed man go from last to first. Seeing those cars get bumped off and cause a crash put a tear in my eye’, the President of the Fan Club said.

The second instance might be more familiar to Wooba Bally fans is his performance in the ItsRainingMeng-sponsored Diddler Cup Series. Bally was an early favorite in the standings, and saw marginal success early on, winning the second race of the series, known as Corso, What the Hell Are You Doing, This is Super Dangerous down the Actual Roads of South Tuscon. After the first five races, Bally was driving at an exceptional rate, leading in the points standings.

Despite early success during the season, the biggest problem with Bally was his inconsistency. After a 2nd place finish in the Africa by Toto 99, Bally saw himself out of the Top 15, and nearly last place (30th out of 32) in the High Speed Police Chase Grand Prix. However, as the season progressed, Wooba saw himself in the Top 10 on many occasions, finishing with nine Top 10 finishes for the season, and finishing 4th in the Diddler Cup Points Standings. His most notable finishes being a 2nd place finish in the St Elsewhere 250, and ending the season with 4 straight Top 10 finishes (200 laps for FREE PIZZA!, Someone Will Probably Get Hurt. Badly. 300, GumBooze DUI 500, and TEXAS: The Race). While Bally’s aggression has led him to many impressive finishes, it has also been his crutch for many more. His inability to maneuver around the extremely short Rosenlodge Speedway caused him to finish in dead last in the Mississippi Queen by Mountain 200.

Now, Bally is looking for a chance to make himself more consistent with a second league to race in. The Stock Car Online Racing Series announced on Tuesday that Wooba Bally would be entering the series. Rumours suggest that he is in negotiations with long-time sponsors Hugger Oranges for this series, with French’s Mustard as his secondary. No sponsors have been confirmed for Bally, but he did state in a short interview that he would be rocking his well-known Orange and White, but adding a pink trim to his vehicle. Surely due to his aggression on the track, Wooba Bally will be an exciting driver to watch, whether he crosses the finish line, or causes an accident on Row 6.


  1. I gotta say, that Wooba’s aggression I think has stood out amongst many drivers. While it has also meant driving in too hard sometimes, good to see some movement in his positions… even if he starts in the back of the pack.

    • You’re damn right, I left a pileup. He gave me a middle finger, and I had no choice but to put his ass in a pileup. He didn’t survive that day, I tell you what.

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