Bad Luck or Something more…

It seemed trivial at the time, another minor inconvenience of traveling on a supposed shortcut while trying to make that first Test session.

The semi truck car transporter hit its air brakes and the trailer slide bouncing to a smoking start pitching Cody from his comfortable sleep to an upside down face crushed position up against the back of the drivers seat. Joe are Transport driver/ Refueler pit crew member..who has since been renamed “Dammit”stated the obvious “.. I think, I hit a bunny.”

As I untwisted myself from the pretzel position. The rest of crew who each had voiced their frustration with the driving capabilities of  “Dammit” were out checking the Semi for damage.

I climbed down from the truck and joined the team in scouring the transporter for evidence of this roadkill tragedy. A strange sound from the black out in front of the range of the Semi’s headlights drew us all back to the front of the trucks rumbling diesel .

Just as several of the crew wondered out loud “What the F was that??”..the headlights dimmed to a soft orangey glow.and it was obvious to all their was something or someone between us and the truck.

Their she stood older than the surrounding forest and as ugly as one of those fever hallucinations you had a small child.

She extended her arm and pointed a knurled arthritic finger straight at me.

” I know you ..Cody Ghostspeed. You mama was kin to Ed Harly you remember what happened to your uncle Ed don’t ya?…you think old Haggis was just a scary story your mama told you ….Well y’all shouldn’t killt my rabbit..”

I look over at “Dammit” frozen with fear and the rest of the crew hiding behind him.

I try to explain it was an unfortunate accident and I would pay to replace her rabbit..but she whips her skinny arm across the sky and it turns from star lite to black clouds and the crackle of thunder drowns out my attempts to be heard.

The old crow then points back at me and screeches in that hissing snake tone that is like a hot knife cutting thru my ears.

“I’ll teach ya Cody …I’ll learn ya that money ain’t doodly here and that this big race car driving you THINK you gonna do well you kiss it goodbye the beating heart of my rabbit..Yess, Cody Ghostspeed you will learn yourself a lesson this season, every time you think you gonna do well you gonna crash CODY..GHOSTSPEED, YOU GONNA LEARN!…..that from Old Haggis …and that ya best never come round here again.

Next thing I remember I was back in the semi .”Dammit” was singing along to a David Allen Coe song about picking up his mama form prison, I figured it was a bad dream caused by bad truckstop food.

But, lately I’m wondering……