All that Glitters is Gold

Well, can’t say that I expected to be here when I first applied to be a driver in the first tier of the SCORacing League. It was certainly a long, grueling season with many up’s and down’s but emerging victorious after what was a nail-biting final race feels oh so good.

Danny Vandoorne managed to with the STSC Season 1 title over 2nd place Joe Trickle by a mere 39 points. Kurt Gunnabee, who occupied the top spot almost all season, came in third 48 points back. Kyle Keselowski, who I pegged as my pick as champion before the season started finished 4th and Luis Cabrera-Perez who started red hot rounded out the top five. Everyone in the top 5 was within 73 points of the top so one race win, one A-Main miss, one early retirement could have made a massive difference when everything was said and done.

Besides taking home the most coveted piece of hardware, the championship trophy, I was also extremely lucky and honored to take home a few other pieces to add to my growing trophy collection. I also took home the Golden Wheel for the Most Races Won during the first season with 3. Victories are hard to come by and were a major part of my success (consistency certainly wasnt lol). The Lapsetter trophy also found its way to the Vandoorne team as I snagged two poles. Last but not least I took home the Lead Dog Award for leading the most laps throughout the season.

I would like to congratulate Robert Phelps on winning the Rookie of The Year award. He’s going to be a strong contender in T2 so watch out for him!

Lastly I want to thank Tide and Tostitos for being my sponsors this season. You gave me the financial stability to allow me to pursue my goals. I’m happy to announce that I have a new sponsorship group coming up this year. My primary sponsor will be Red Bull and my secondary sponsor will be Ketel One Vodka.

Looking forward to a great season ahead!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, I was actually really surprised I won Rookie of the Year, considering everyone was rookies, I kinda figured it would have gone to someone in the top 5, but I’ll take it. 🙂

    • I was really happy with Wally’s method for doing it S1. Yeah, we were all rookies, but most had a head start on you.

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