A little bit of this, a whole lotta that

Well, obviously this weeks races could have finished on a higher note for Danny Vandoorne however it’s tough to really complain much having recorded two wins prior to last nights early retirement due to an accident of some sort. The two wins have done a huge amount for the confidence of Vandoorne and his team moving forward. We can point to those two results and say that we’re headed in the right direction. That’s not to say that there isn’t a ton of room for improvement. Frankly, crashing out of last nights race looked to be driver error on Vandoorne’s part which has to be cleaned up going forward.

As we have seen with the ever consistent Kurt Gunnabee, it’s not about winning or losing persay, but always being in the mix and getting your car across the finish line in one piece. Early retirements put a larger dent on your point total than a win helps balloon it up. You could win, crash, win, crash so on and so forth and despite winning 50% of the races, you will not be at the top of the standings that matter the most. Consistency needs to improve.

Another little tidbit that I noticed despite leading a few races at one point was my lack of closing speed. Despite investing into finishing, I seem to get reeled in as the race comes to a close which can lead to some tense moments late. Perhaps it’s a matter of the cars behind me being able to draft off of one another (or myself) but one would think all of that delicious clean air ahead of me would make up for it. Anyways, taking your foot off the gas at any point in the race, even 10 feet from the finish line of the last lap, isn’t the way to find success in this league and we’re gonna have to race each and every lap like its our last.

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    • Strong finishes can really shake up the standings. Lake moved up ten spots after his win! So yeah, Vandoorne is definitely not out of the hunt.

  1. The end really sums up most things. Always compete like it’s the end, never coast until you need to really get in gear. If you aren’t giving it everything you’ve got, you aren’t going to do well

  2. That crash was a weird one, but I can’t say I’m too sad that there wasn’t a threepear for Vandoorne. You are definitely right in that consistency is key in the standing, although cautions and being stuck in traffic as a result can really hurt you late in a race, no matter how good your finishing is.

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