Ranking My Favorite Cars

Well, mid-season predictions are done, and I didn’t feel like doing another luck article, so I thought I’d mix it up and focus on probably the best thing about this league: the cars.  Our graphics guys have done amazing jobs bringing a wide variety of concepts to life, and I decided to take some time to talk about some of my favorite designs from both tiers.


Honorable Mention: Joe Trickle’s Chaos Car

Look at this thing.  There is just SO much going on.  My favorite thing about it is the secondary sponsor, Nike.  The logo itself looks odd, but the way too very different sponsors merge into one mural, with the spinning basketball in the back.  My only complaint is probably the VICE logo itself.  If I didn’t know what it said, I’m not sure I’d recognize it.  Still, this car is as all over the place as Trickle’s driving is, and I love it for that.  It would be higher on the list, but I’ve never seen it out on the track.


#7 Spark Spencer III’s Old School Gatorade

Why would Gatorade sponsor a car/driver?  Has anyone seen a NASCAR driver kick down an energy drink or sports drink mid-race?  Hell, even when drivers pull double duty you don’t hear about that happening, probably because you don’t want to worry about driving and pissing yourself.  Of course, if Bowey is on the track with you, you probably are anyways.  Hands down my favorite thing here is the off-white background.  Great example of a simple scheme well-executed.


#6: Mike Molholt’s Google Sketches

Full disclosure: I don’t know what ANY of the shit on this car is beyond the logo, but points for originality.  This would be the most original car on the track even without the distinctive number font, but they threw that in as well.  This is the car design version of Morrowind.  It’s confusing and even frustrating to navigate, but it makes you aware of just how much is possible, so you have to respect it and say you like it even if it gives you headaches.


#5: Julia O’Sullivan’s Rockin’ Red and Gold.

Why is a Toyota the most…wait-SECOND most bad-ass looking car on the track?  Obviously the design team did a great job, but definite kudos for picking a one color car and going with such a bold yet common color.  What should be, in theory, a boring design stands out on the track every time.  Extra points for the shine on the NXT logo…very nice touch.


#4: Cody Ghostspeed’s Killer Keg Car

Remember when I said O’Sullivan’s was only second most bad-ass?  Here’s #1.  Trading out the white of a red, white, and blue color scheme and replacing it with a steel gray is already pretty awesome and NASCAR friendly, but adding the condensation as well makes this easily the toughest-looking car on the track.  I also love the balance of the three colors.  None look overbearing or like they were forced in.  This is probably the best job matching the logo to the overall design.


#3: Lightning McQueen’s…Lightning McQueen

If you had any doubt as to how fun this league was or how accommodating the designers were, just look at this car.  I fucking hated this movie and it pains me that it got a sequel, but seeing this car just reminds me of what this league, and sim leagues in general, are for: to have fun.  Rare to see a car with a smile, even more rare for that smile to be contagious.


#2: Kung Fury’s Nostalgic Little Devil

I only have one complaint about this car, and that is the number.  And I’m not complaining because the number is 666, but because EVERYTHING else about this car is 80s.  Couldn’t the number have been 805, but maybe the 5 done in a weird and smaller font to look like the 80s car?  How cool would that be?  Still, an 80s game system in 80s colors…fucking beautiful.


#1: Michael Phelps’ One-Upped Rainbow

In truth, I *should* hate this car.  I have the Skittles car, with the rainbow logo, and then this a-hole designs a better rainbow scheme on something completely un-rainbow related.  I don’t care.  The colors are so eye-catching, and the Dorito-chip rainbow is one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  Did the Puppy Monkey Baby really need to be on it?


Not included on this list, though it would have made honorable mention, is the #28 NASA car for Dirty Dicks, but with the driver inactive, I think it is a waste of what is probably the most beautiful car in the game.


These were just some of my personal favorites.  Feel free to tell me yours in the comments.



  1. DT did an awesome job on several of these .
    I was thinking there really should be a gallery on this site for images of all the cars in all the divisions. So that all the hard work gets appreciated.

    Oh and Icehouse to you all.-Cody

  2. Love the shout-out! I am very happy with the car and all the credit goes to Teddy who made it. I love that Burgundy kinda color so I always knew that’s what I wanted.

    • That is an amazing idea. I would love to see something like that, provided it wasn’t just every car. We should get a gallery up as well, too.

  3. 100% with you Holmberg, I think that O’Sullivan car is fugly. Looks like something you’d see your uncle Cooter putting into the ring at the local short track.

  4. Love the creativity in this league. There are literally millions of different ways to design these cars. Big props to those that do it!

  5. I have a soft spot for the Gatorade car honestly because I tend to believe green to be a generally under-represented color as far as liveries go.

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