18 Feb Race 1 Recap

Hey folks. So, for those who didn’t get to watch last night, Wally ran 3 practice races for us last night all with slightly different set-ups. All three were at Bristol, a track famous for being forgiving of inexperienced drivers. We started off on arcade mode, using single file restarts. Spoiler: we used those restarts a LOT. I’ve watched races before and thought “I think they spent more time under caution than racing,” but last night, that actually WAS the case. I counted. It wasn’t close.

55 laps under caution. That normally wouldn’t be so bad in Bristol, but that was in only 75 laps. This race was insane from the very beginning. Before all the cars could even get lined up to start, the #41 of Charlotte Bowey (who was starting on the front row) was smoking from under the hood. She never even got to warm up the tires and dropped out due to a camshaft issue. 1 car down.

The race started and it took less than a lap for paint jobs to get ruined. Almost every driver was bouncing off the walls. And not due to contact or trying to go 3 wide…single lane drivers were hitting the walls. A lot. At some point in lap 3 there was some kind of wreck, but no clue who hit what. Don’t worry, there will be more wrecks to talk about.

In fact, if you want to see a few god wrecks (and who doesn’t?), I recommend checking out the video starting at 14:05. It’s the end of lap 7, when the first caution is almost over. The driver cam is on Alex Rodrigo (who hasn’t spent any TPE, by the way, as he is trying to cash it in on great Pizza Hut deals), who appears to catch the front of the car above him, spinning out both in seemingly opposite directions, with damn near the whole pack getting caught up in it. Then, after about 3/4 of a lap after the yellow flag comes out, another pack wipe shows up ahead. That’s two huge wrecks in under 30 seconds. After that is about 4 laps of caution…pretty boring, but we were all too busy laughing at the 3rd mass wreck in 3 laps of green flag racing. At about 1750 or so the green flag is back out, and not two laps go by before a couple of paint trades and another wreck (unseen), but AGAIN, huge wreck while under caution. When it’s all said and done there are 6 drivers retired from the race, not including Bowey for pre-race maintenance.


  1. “All three were at Bristol, a track famous for being forgiving of inexperienced drivers”

    Oh the lies we tell ourselves… But honestly, it was a wild night of testing. The 3rd race, using Simulation instead of Arcade, was a lot better in every aspect in terms of racing. Looking forward to the next set of races even more now.

    • Yeah, simulation did seem cleaner driving. Between that and single file restarts we should be able to keep wrecks down. On 1/4 mile, we might have to go dual though, not sure if that matters.

  2. I’m honestly not sure how much actual testing, build wise, got done. I think a lot, however, was revealed about certain settings within the sim engine itself and how they can affect how the races are ran.

    No caution flags seems like a total shitshow lol

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