How to Race Good: SCOR Style

There are many different philosophies when speaking to various users of  The single most important trait is continuing to earn TPE as each week passes by.  What this article is going to provide is a bit of insight into the most asked topics and then also a guide to earning TPE around the site.

“How do I spend my initial 60 TPE?”

While there is no “perfect” way, what you don’t want to do is spread it thin.  Tier 1, the tier your start in, is a circuit of tracks that are only short tracks. In addition there is no planned pitting as Tier 1 does not run enough laps for needed pitting. 

Next, the most important attributes in Tier 1 are the following in each of their respective categories:

Driver – Qualifying, Consistency

Track Master – Short Track

Car – Engine, Chassis, Reliability

While these don’t guarantee success, pick 3 of them to get to 50 and then get the next 3 to 50 and you will be on your way to getting into the A-Main.

“What is the GAP?”

Within Nascar Racing 2003 The Game, each attribute you update has a high and a low.  SCOR only requires you to update your high to allow for faster development of your driver.  Every driver starts with what we call as the “30/10”.  Meaning every attribute starts with a high of 30 and a low of 10.  While initially the GAP starts at 20 (30-10), we all start with a 30 point GAP so as soon as your “high end” gets to 40 the “low end” will continue to come up accordingly.  Example – If your Qualifying is at 37 then your low is at 10.  If your Qualifying is at 48 then your low is at 18. 

As your career continues you will be able to make purchases using your race winnings to shrink your GAP.

“Why do we only race on short tracks?”

The importance of building a competitive base for success past Tier 1, is to focus on the attributes that are important to be successful in Tier 1.  Be creative to try and find an edge on competition.  At minimum, you only need to spend one season in Tier 1 before you can apply for a Tier 2 license.

“How do I earn TPE to upgrade my attributes?”

There are multiple ways every week to earn more TPE, even from the moment you sign up.  Below are many of the ways in which you can find around the website to earn TPE:

1. Every week you can either Claim Welfare or Post a 200 Word Article. By doing one of them per week you will get 6 TPE.

2. Every Wednesday there will be a quiz called “Happy Hour”.  Each quiz you will earn 2 TPE and if you get all 4 questions correct you will earn an additional 2 TPE for a total of 4 TPE.  To find the weekly quiz you can look on the homepage or go to:

3. While you may not choose write articles, many others from around the league do. Every article posted you are allowed to leave one comment for 1 TPE for yourself even on your own articles.

4. Apply for a league job!  There are many openings throughout the league and if there are not then we can always find something as the league grows. Each job is worth 3-4 TPE and an ROC bonus depending on the position. Under the job opportunities you will find openings… It may say to submit an application, but please do not.  Just contact the Admin via this website or on Discord.

Please leave a question if you need any more help!  Good luck and thanks for joining SCOR!


  1. It would have been nice if I realized some of these things sooner. Like not dumping my initial 70 TPE windfall spreading it out like a well-rounded dumbass.

  2. This is good. Useful information for new drivers.

    Can you tell us how to win T2 races next? I’d settle for a guide on how to finish T2 races, at this point.

  3. I made a big mistake when I first created by putting a bunch into Aggression. I mean, I don’t really give a shit becasue it’s cool to see what that did to my driver, but at the same time I definitely could have benefit a lot by putting it into something else.

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