Attribute Guide

Welcome to the attribute guide!  Below will be all the details regarding the sim attributes and hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding them.  The attributes are broken down into four categories: Driver, Tracks, Car Development and Pit Crew.  All play an important role in the sim in some form or fashion.  Your starting build is as follows:

— Driver —
Aggression: 30
Consistency: 30
Finishing: 30
Qualifying: 30

— Tracks —

Short Tracks: 30
Speedways: 30
Superspeedway: 30
Road Course: 30

— Car Development —

Aerodynamics: 30
Chassis: 30
Engine: 30
Reliability: 30

— Pit Crew —

Consistency: 20
Speed: 20
Strategy: 20

Aggression (AGG) – Patience level when attempting a pass or blocking. High aggression may increase the chance of driver error.
Consistency (CON) – Ability to run consistent laps. Note that it is possible to be consistently slow. Consistency also affects the the chance of driver error.
Finishing (FIN) – The ability to finish a race well. Drivers with a high finishing rating will get stronger as the race nears its end.
Qualifying (QUA) – Overall performance in qualifying sessions only.
Short Track (SHT) – Performance on tracks under one mile in length.
Speedway (SDY) – Performance on ovals between one and two and a half miles which do not mandate the use of a restrictor plate.
Superspeedway (SSY) – Performance on ovals of two and a half miles and over, including those at which a restrictor plate is mandated.
Road Course (RDC) – Performance on road courses.
-Car Development-
Aerodynamics (AERO) – The ability of the car to slip through the air with a minimum of drag. A higher aero rating means less drag, which translates to more speed.
Chassis (CHA) – The ability at which your car grips through corners and holds their line.
Engine (ENG) – Easily explained, the TPE purchased goes into the effective power your engine can generate. Also referred in the sim to engine horsepower.
Reliability (REL) – Chance for a mechanical failure. Higher reliability translates to a lower chance of such an occurrence.
-Pit Crew-
Speed (SPE) – A high rating translates to quicker times for all pit operation: changing tires, adding fuel, making setup adjustments, and repairing damage.
Consistency (PCO) – The more consistent the pit crew is, the less likely a mistake will be made during a pit stop.
Strategy (STR) – A measurement of the teams willingness to take pitting risks in order to gain track position. This can be done in several ways, the most obvious of which involves taking none or two tires rather than four. As this value increases, the team becomes more willing to take such chances. Because of this fact, a high strategy rating isn’t necessarily better than a low one.