Yuno Wozy Survives Kern County Crashfest

Yuno Wozy secured his first career victory in the Short Track Simulation Circuit (STSC), winning the River Ranger 75 at Kern County Raceway Park. Surviving was half the battle.

The caution flag flew 11 times in the feature race, with just 34 of 75 laps contested under green flag conditions. However, the green flag was out long enough in the closing stages for Wozy to take the lead from Fabio for the win.

Fabio would ultimately settle for third, with Red Clifford finishing second. Shoto Todoroki finished fourth, with Harvey Bakerfield rounding out the top five.

Meanwhile, seven of the 36 drivers failed to finish, most from accidents or damage suffered as a result of those accidents. Only 15 competitors finished on the lead lap, with most of the other combatants slowed by damage.

In fact, Wozy himself was involved in an incident in the early stages. While Wozy led on lap 25, a massive incident took place near the rear of the field. As Wozy and the leaders raced back to the line to take the yellow flag, Wozy lost control and hit the outside wall, losing the lead. However, Wozy raced his way back to the front and avoided further carnage to take the win.

VIDEO: The Lap 25 incident at Kern County
VIDEO: Yuno Wozy crashes avoiding “The Big One.”
RESULTS: River Ranger 75


Rookie of the Race: For the second race in a row to start Season 2, a rookie went to victory lane as Yuno Wozy outraced the Season 1 veterans.

Golden Wheel: Cooter Bigsby and Yuno Wozy now share one win each in the pursuit of the Golden Wheel.

Lapsetter: At 17.972 seconds, Rick James took his first pole of Season 2.

Lead Dog Award: Six different drivers led during the River Ranger 75, with Adderall Allmendinger taking the five bonus points for leading the most laps (24).


  1. This was the most ridiculous yet competitive race I’ve seen. Highly recommend watching if you missed it.

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