Up to Speed: Keselowski, Spencer Rolling on Winning Streaks

Five races have come and gone since our last Up to Speed recap, but amazingly only two drivers have won in that span. Spark Spencer III has won the last three races on the Short Track Simulation Circuit (STSC), while Kevin Keselowski has gone back to back in the National Simulation Racing Series (NSRS).

Keselowski retook the NSRS points lead with his most recent of five wins this season, a dominant display at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Keselowski won that race by more than 19 seconds over runner-up Jack Stevens, as championship contender Tilly Tamburlaine was involved in a major incident on lap 4, ending her day.

Just one race prior, Tamburlaine finished second to Keselowski at The Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin. Keselowski led 32 of 80 laps in that race – with the laps led there and in Montreal, he Is now up to 306 laps led, accounting for 40 percent of the circuits contested in the NSRS this season.

Tamburlaine trails Keselowski by 41 points in the NSRS standings, with Kurt Gunnabee just five points behind Tamburlaine in third. Gunnabee tallied two top-five finishes in the last two events, coming home fifth at Milwaukee and third in Montreal. Inaugural STSC champion Danny Vandoorne is fourth, while Charlotte Bowey is fifth after junking yet another person’s shit.

In the short-track world, Spark Spencer III has rattled off three consecutive wins. The first of the three came at Kalamazoo Speedway, as he led 40 of 70 laps around the Michigan circuit. At Salem Speedway, Spencer led wire-to-wire after starting on the pole, earning the maximum 115 points in the race.

The most recent win was easily the most thrilling and dramatic. Spencer and his primary championship contender, Cooter Bigsby, battled back and forth for the lead over 75 laps around Madison International Speedway, hosting its first SCOR-sanctioned race. Ultimately, Spencer triumphed over Bigsby with a late-race pass for the win as the two dueled through lapped traffic.

After his hot streak, Spencer leads Bigsby by 45 points in the STSC title hunt. The two drivers have combined for six wins in ten STSC races. By virtue of leading the most laps and starting on the pole, Bigsby actually gained by three points on Spencer in the championship standings at Madison.









  1. Having to navigate through lapped traffic is one thing, but being behind Cooter is even worse since he’s throwing Cheeto Dust and bottle caps at my car too.

    • Not on that track. Keselowski only pitted twice, where some drivers were there 3 times. And since they were mainly green flag pits, it cost pretty big. So it sounds dominant, but just got really lucky on pit strategy.

  2. Kinda disappointed that I seem to have settled into mediocrity for now. I guess it’s right where I should be TPE-wise, but I’d still like to at least challenge Keslowski and the likes.

  3. “while Charlotte Bowey is fifth after junking yet another person’s shit”

    Engrave this on my goddamn tombstone.

  4. Congrats to Keselowski. I would be sitting a lot better in the standings if the race just consisted of the qualifying laps.

  5. Been fun so far. Not sure I’m in the running for the cup but I’ll take fulfilling my sponsorship obligations any day!

  6. “as championship contender Tilly Tamburlaine was involved in a major incident on lap 4, ending her day”

    might be time to take up drinking again.

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