Sim Network Unleashed: SCOR Featured

Introducing: Sports Sim Network

From Shaka:

“I’m ecstatic to introduce all of you to a major project a team and I have been working on to bring this community, and the many communities affiliated with us, together on a united front of sim sports content. As some of you may know, the SSN name is dear to me. Many years ago, I had the idea to create a singular league with four leagues inside where activity in one can earn you points in the rest. Young, overwhelmed and understaffed it was not meant to be. Now, years later, a new Sports Sim Network has been born. One created in the spirit of its predecessor and I think you’re all going to love it.

So what is the SSN specifically? The Sports Simulation Network is the central hub for all of our sim league happenings. It was created with a vision of uniting the various sim leagues we love into a central location, where you check out the scores of all the games, read up on all the best articles, and further build the fan base of sim leagues as a whole. It exists to enhance the experience of all the leagues individually while at the same time providing a view into the crazy worlds of other sim leagues. We’ve all had cross-sport debates before. Who was more dominant between Gretzky and Jordan? We want you to be asking those same questions about Scotty Campbell, Trey Masters and Marcus McDyess. As the notoriety of players rises so does the popularity and intensity of the leagues. Our sim league universe is always expanding, and everyday legends grow taller and the stories get deeper. We’re here to foster and catalyze that growth. We’re here to be your Sports Simulation Network.”



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