Season 4: SCORacing News and Notes

Season 4 is just around the corner! There have been some changes made to both tiers to hopefully improve racing. But first Mayhem!

Mayhem will be resuming this week with races on the 9th, 10th and 13th.

Now the changes for Season 4:

– Season 4 is scheduled to start on July 16th

– Tier 3 will remain closed for this season

– Pit stop attributes will now start at 60. All drivers will have 40 TPE added to their Pitting attributes.

Be a Manager: The team based fantasy system that everyone loved returns! Signups will open tomorrow. July 9th The top 3 managers from last season will not be eligible to manage a team this season.

TIER 1: Attribute cap will be lowered to 60 (was 65). Any TPE over this cap will be kept and applied once moved to T2.

TIER 2: Removed road courses from T2, they will return for Tier 3. Any driver with TPE in the Road Course Track Mastery will be allowed to redistribute this TPE into a different track mastery. A form will be available shortly for this.

With the removal of these courses the Tier 2 track list is as follows:

  1. Darlington Speedway – SPD
  2. Bristol Motor Speedway – SHT
  3. EuroSpeedway Lausitz – SUP
  4. Kentucky Speedway – SPD
  5. Iowa Speedway – SHT
  6. Milwaukee Mile – SPD
  7. Michigan International Raceway – SUP
  8. Auto Club Speedway – SPD
  9. Daytona Speedway – SUP
  10. Birmingham International Raceway – SHT
  11. Texas Motor Speedway – SPD
  12. Richmond Raceway – SHT
  13. Pocono Speedway – SUP
  14. Martinsville Speedway – SHT
  15. Rockingham Speedway – SPD
  16. Talladega Superspeedway – SUP


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