S3 SCOR News & Notes

Listed in the following are changes for the upcoming season:

SCOR Mayhem
4 Race Schedule
All divisions will run together, with a $8k entry fee. All cars are handicapped to the same attributes of 60/40 to ensure a fair running field among chaos. Same racing rules apply in the sense that if a car does not start before the start finish line, the race is restarted. There are NO cautions as they will be run as enduro races.

Payout is as follows:
1st – $75,000
2nd – $55,000
3rd – $40,000
4th – $25,000
5th – $20,000
6th thru 10th – Money Back



STSC (T1) Track Changes

Removed: Rockford, New Smyrna, Madison International, Kalamazoo, Thompson, Cordele and Winchester.

Added: Martinsville, USA International, Myrtle Beach, IRP, North Wilkesboro, Oswego, I-70

NSRS (T2) Track Changes

Removed: Mid-Ohio Course (Road)

Added: Seattle Superspeedway (Super)


YouTube Premiers

Coming in S3 we will be cross posting our races via YouTube, in addition to our Twitch broadcast to spread a bit more of a wider viewer base and to alleviate some issues some users have with Twitch.


Sponsorship Changes

Primary Goal: Finish Top 15 Points >>> Finish Top 20 Points

Secondary Goal: Finish Top 15 >>> Finish Top 20


Any questions feel free to reach out via Discord or email at shlhotice@gmail.com


  1. Would love to see more stuff happening on youtube, Twitch isn’t too bad but I do have some issues there from time to time so I’d definitely love the alternative!

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