Ride with Clyde S02E04

Ride with Clyde

Welcome back to another episode of Ride with Clyde. Today we’re here with STSC’s fourth place driver right now, Drunk Tuck. Tuck is coming off a race in which he won the pole at 5 Flags Speedway followed by a fourth place finish at I-70 Speedway. He has one win under his belt and is hungry for more. He’s just seven points out of third place and 228 points off the lead currently. He is helped in the standings by his nine top tens including seven top fives as well as his league leading (tied) three poles.

Usually Tuck is cruising around the ovals in his number eight, Jurassic Park and Sinclair Oil machine. However, for our segment he opted for something a little larger in a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon. When asked about the reasoning behind the car selection he said, “The thing is a beast and we can hit some off road routes with 10 inches of clearance and some big ass tires.”

So we took off for Ottawa, IL for Fox Valley Off Road and let that bad boy loose. While on the track, we discussed Tuck’s fellow drivers. He said his favorite Tier 2 driver is Spark Spencer III and that he’s made it “pretty clear” that he’s a “fan boy”. His words, not mine. As for a reasoning:

“He’s got a big engine and goes fast if that’s not enough to like a guy I don’t know what else is. It helps that he wins with style and has a sharp tongue.”

Spencer III is currently in second place in the NSRS standings with a win, nine top tens, and five top fives but he has been a consistent top driver throughout his entire career in both the STSC and the NSRS.

Next, we moved onto comparisons, namely who Tuck would compare himself to.

“I wouldn’t mind being like Spencer or Cooter Bigsby. They’re power drivers that have big personalities, instead of finesse to get Ws.”

Cooter has taken the NSRS by storm so far this season and despite being a rookie finds himself in 11th. He also has a win to go along with seven top tens and three top fives. A definite power driver who, along with Spencer III, make up a very strong rookie class in the NSRS.

Then the conversation turned to life outside of the track. I asked Tuck what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a professional driver.

“If I wasn’t a driver, I would be a professional eater. I would clean up at the competitions, especially the drinking ones.”

No surprise about the drinking given the recent release of “Stuck with Tuck” in which he drunkenly “kidnaps” Laura VanDerBooben in his Nissan Leaf. It’s definitely worth a read if you have not done so yet.

That’s all we have time for this week on Ride with Clyde. Tune in next time when we’ll take a spin with another Tier 1 driver and get the inside scoop.


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