Mayhem Round One Announced: Sign Up! – The inaugural Mayhem Series will commence on June 11th at 9 p.m. EST.  An endurance race that will see drivers across all Tiers for a chance at some ROC cash will kickoff on a dirt figure-8 course.  Drivers will be split into races accordingly, at random, in order to whittle the field down to a final event.  Final format each race night will be determined by size of field.

All divisions will run together in a 4 race schedule, with a $5k entry fee per race. All cars are handicapped to the same attributes of 60/40 to ensure a fair running field among chaos. Same racing rules apply in the sense that if a car does not start before the start finish line, the race is restarted. There are NO cautions as all races will be run as approx. 30-lap races.

Payouts are as follows per race:
1st – $75,000
2nd – $55,000
3rd – $40,000
4th – $25,000
5th – $20,000
6th thru 10th – Money Back

Champion of Mayhem after 4 Races – $100,000

* All payouts will be at the conclusion of the season.

** All deductions for Mayhem will be taken out of your account at the conclusion of the season.