Lake Left Frustrated After S3 Opener

Multiple Cars Taken Out During Cole Wreck

Dave Lake was visibly frustrated after the S3 opener for the NSRS. With less then 10 laps left in the race, #19 Kevin Keselowski would be turned into the wall by #9 E. Blanco. Everything seemed to be fine however, as both cars seemed to have minimal damage and were able to regain control before a major crash followed. Things would not remain fine, as #23 Jermaine Cole would drive full speed into the rear of Keselowski and create a massive crash. Ten cars would fall victim to the crash, of which Dave Lake was a vehicle causality in the chaos. Lake had this to say about the crash.

“My spotter said that there was a small crash up ahead, but it seemed to be fine and I wouldn’t have to dodge anything. Next thing I know, I’m trying to avoid multiple drivers who are spun out. I didn’t make a smart decision when I tried to gun it and get through a gap in the cars. I risked my luck, and it ended with me sitting out the last 10 laps of the race. It is what it is. Am I mad that I crashed, yeah. I’m just more frustrated by the lack of driving ability or sportsmanship showed by Cole during that. Clearly we are in caution, and he just decides to blatantly take out another driver. Hopefully we don’t have to deal with this sort of classlessness every week. That sort of driving should stay in the short tracks.” – Dave Lake

Strong words by Lake, who is one of the few T2 drivers this season to be independent of any driving teams. Before the season even started, Lake made it very clear that he was not interested in competing for a team during the season. Many have wondered if this would be a mistake, but so early in the season it will be hard to tell. What we do know is that Lake will be looking to come back strong next race to make up for not finishing the race near his usual top 15 position.



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