Final Test Results; Schedule is Finalized while Payouts Announced

With the testing sessions coming to a close, drivers continue hone their builds as they prepare for Wednesdays opening race.

For the full race:

Test Race Results:

Darlington –

Watkins Glen –

Bristol –

While we will leave the racing hightlights to the media, we are prepared to announce the schedule for the upcoming season and payout format for each race.

Winter Warmup 90 – Watermelon Capital Speedway – Cordele, GA – 1/3 mile oval
River Ranger 75 – Kern County Raceway Park – Bakersfield, CA – 1/2 mile oval
Midwest Spring Nationals – Rockford – Rockford, IL – 1/4 mile oval ($5,000 Bonus)
White River Showdown – Winchester Speedway – Winchester, IN – 1/2 mile oval
Sir Robert 60 – Thompson International Speedway – Thompson, CT – .6 mile oval
SCOR Mid-Season Classic 100 – Slinger Super Speedway – Slinger, WI – 1/4 mile oval ($1M SHL Bonus)
The GNR Shootout – Evergreen Speedway – Monroe, WA – .65 mile oval
OP Gambler 90 – Oxford Plains Speedway – Oxford Plains, ME – 1/3 mile oval
Ford’s Mill Rundown – Berlin Raceway – Berlin, MI – 3/8 mile oval
Red Snapper 100 – 5 Flags Speedway – Pensacola, FL – 1/2 mile oval ($5,000 Bonus)
Titus 90 – Kalamazoo Speedway – Kalamazoo, MI – 1/3 mile oval
Country Thunder 75 – Bristol Motor Speedway – Bristol, TN – 1/2 mile oval
Dancing Ghost 90 Dash – South Alabama Speedway – Kinston, AL – 1/3 mile oval
Emory Bennett Memorial – New Smyrna Speedway – Samsula, FL – 1/2 mile oval
Oktoberfest STSC Championships – Lacrosse Speedway – Lacrosse, WI – 5/8 mile oval ($10,000 Bonus)
Also to announce are the race payout increments and they are as follows.  Note that various “sponsored and premiere events will have bonus payments”.
Race Winnings Tier 1-STSC
1st 5000
2nd 3000
3rd-5th 2000
6th-10th 1000
11th-15th 750
16th-20th 500
21st-30th 500
31st-43rd 500


  1. Not sure about the $1M SHL Bonus. I mean it’s fine for the ones that have an SHL player but for the ones that don’t it might be a head scratcher.

    • I don’t have an inherent issue with the bonus, but there should be some kind of alternative if the driver in question has no SHL account or player.

  2. Yeah, I agree that 1M seems a bit generous (more than enough to buy GAP and the yearly training package by itself), and also kinda contradicts the all sim league partnership the welfare system uses.

    Question, for the other tracks that have bonuses, are those bonuses for all drivers who qualify for the race? Slinger is a small track, could be interesting if so.

    Separately, are there any prizes for end-of-season standings?

  3. Realistically speaking, a 1mil bonus is just that. A bonus. Honestly, we’re talking about paying for a single training session which is basically nothing over the course of a career.

    I see no issues with it. Could extend to other leagues if the player isn’t active in the SHL.

  4. I really appreciate the cover photo of this article.

    Also, I think the bonus is fine. As people pointed out, it literally buys you a grand total of one training in the SHL. Not much of an impact, in my opinion.

    • I just went back and looked at the stream. Wally would have to confirm, but I definitely saw a white car slow during the pace lap and pull onto pit road coming to the green flag. If that was you (and you didn’t log a lap) it might have tricked the system into saying you weren’t in the race.

  5. Just checked the stats for the 3 races ….I’m not good on super speedways …I’m shit on speedways ….I’m barely a back marker on road courses ….we shall see if short tracks save me or if I go back to electric Go karts and dominate all.

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