Cooter Bigsby and The King Butt Heads

The Stock Car Online Racing League is starting to show some age. With two seasons in the book drivers are beginning to get more familiar with each other and with that familiarity it looks like we are also building a few rivalries as well.

Two of the most recognizable racers in the league have clashed heads in the league’s current top tier, the National Simulation Racing Series. The young upstart Cooter Bigsby, known for his loud mouth and big engine, has made the jump to Tier 2. Before the paint on his new car dried, Cooter immediately set his eyes on the biggest fish in the pond: Danny Vandoorne.

Danny Vandoorne is a name that everyone around SCOR has heard. He is the most decorated racer in league history, a two time champion, and a fan favorite. Danny Vandoorne considers himself a bit of a slow starter, but he currently sits in 8th place after three races after a rough DNF in his second race of season 3 due to some classic Camshaft shenanigans.

Cooter Bigsby got his tier 2 premier off to a strong start with a win and has been competitive since with an 8th and 12th place finish putting the rookie in third place in the series and giving him the confidence, and arguably the evidence, to trash talk the reigning champion.

The banter started at a promotional press conference held before the fourth race of the season when Cooter loudly proclaimed that he can’t be having two bad of a season if he is beating the media’s sweetheart Danny V or maybe it was just that the champ was not all that he was made out to be.

To nobody’s surprise Danny’s ears perked up at Cooter’s remarks and he walked over to the podium and slammed down both of his championship trophies and told Cooter he would be in the champion’s lounge and Cooter could stop by if he won one.

Danny walked away from the podium, opened a nearby door, and slammed it behind him. There is still speculation on whether or not the champion’s lounge exists or if Danny Vandoorne is still hanging out in what might be a janitors closest waiting for the fourth race of the season to begin. Regardless, it seems clear Cooter will not be entering Danny’s private room…at least for a few more months.

Most racers would have shut up after Danny’s theatrics but soon after the door slammed Cooter was back at it. Giving the media a, “Why’s he so salty?” with a smirk on his face with laughs from the crowd. Later Cooter told the cameras a clear message to Danny V. Danny, “Danny if they have TVs in your lounge, you better get used to being upset, you’re not a big fish in a small pond anymore.”

We do not know how this rivalry is going to pan out, but so far it looks like it will be an exciting one for fans of the sport going forward.

We also caught Spark Spenser and asked him if the champion’s lounge existed. He gave us a sly grin and a shrug. We’ll keep our ears to the ground on that one!


  1. Cooter is only capable of winning when the league plops 18 cars between him and 2nd place on a restart. He’s a fraud.

  2. This could get nasty, the name Danny can be turned into few semi-hilarious nicknames, Cooter is not much different, so if things work out – we could see proper fight in the next week or two!

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