Chasing Greatness

This past season Danny Vandoorne solidified his position as the best racer in world. Early in the season many around the league believed they were going to be able to unseat the champ, but after 16 races nobody was even close. Personally, I feel like Danny Vandoorne has already made his mark the history of the league as one of the greatest we will see, but others think he is still chasing it despite three seasons of dominant victories. What does Danny have to do to be locked in as the greatest racer, the only thing he has not done yet, sweep the tier 3 races in season 5 and win tier 2 again in season 4. If Danny pulls that off, he will be the undisputed best to have done it and it would take a hell of a case from somebody in the future to change that.

But for fun, let’s take a look at who might be able to unseat the champion in season 4.

Robert Phelps is probably has the best prospects of bringing home the title in season 4. Phelps actually dominating in qualifiers with 7 poles and 3 wins on the season. He also led for 220 laps, 42 more than Danny Vandoorne. Phelps is a track expert that also has a big engine is his Miller Lite #1 Car. Maybe his ability get out the extra horse power and learn the tracks will be enough for him to end the reign of Danny V.

Kurt Gunnabee is another name that comes to mind with potential to take out Danny. These two are teammates from season 3 and Kurt is another racer that was able to qualify well with 5 poles. Unfortunately, he was not able to snatch a single win in season 3. Kurt is another racer with a bigger engine than Danny. Maybe in season 4 pure speed will be enough to beat out Danny’s familiarity with the tracks and consistency as a driver.

Tigole Bitties was an early season favorite in season 3, but as things went on he tailed off. He was still able to secure 2 wins and 7 top 5 finishes, places him somewhat in the realm of the champion. Tigole is a wheelman that has a REALLY big engine. He was hauling ass all of season 3 despite a lack of skills elsewhere, while that didn’t pan out, he has an offseason to improve other parts of his skillset and could maybe make an impact.

The next guy on the list was able to finish with the second most top 5 finishes in the league. Kevin Keselowski, had 8 top 5 finishes and two wins. Unfortunately, after 5 DNFs he went on a rampage that may have put his future in professional racing in jeopardy. I am always a fan of a comeback, so maybe Keselowski can get his act together this off season and come back to be a force, particularly after a strong finish.


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