Changes Coming to League Jobs

With the creation of the 100th driver just around the corner, the staff continues to make a way to reward those who put their time in for the development and future success of the league. With an abundance of daily tasks and not to mention, growing daily, the league has decided to roll out a new compensation plan for specific roles.

While we wish all roles could be effected, our main priority is looking at the positions with a significant need to fill, an increased time sensitive deadline and moreover consistency. The following positions once made a base of 3 TPE, but starting immediately will make the noted change of pay:

Graphic Designer(s): They will now make 4 TPE plus 5K ROC per T1 cars and 8k ROC per T2/T3 car. The difference being more detail and time with T2/T3 cars.

Media Team Member(s): Each writer will receive 4 TPE a week plus 5K ROC for every 350+ word article for Junior Writers and 10k ROC for every 450+ word article for the Senior Writers. The level of writer will be chosen by the Media Director, @ztevans.

League Updaters: In addition to the 3 TPE per updater, each one will receive a 10k ROC bonus for having all purchases made thru Sunday processed by 12:30 p.m. CST on Tuesday.

Sponsorship Team: As with the League Updaters time sensitivity is important, every member of the sponsorship team will receive 3 TPE per week plus 8k ROC every week for having the prior weekly results finalized in the league spreadsheets by 12:30 p.m. on Monday each week.

For the latest job openings please go to the following link: Job Board

Any questions, please speak with a head chair member, Wally or Ztevans via Discord or message on the site.


  1. I’m kinda torn on this, as it might lead to the people with jobs pulling away from the rest of the pack eventually. But then again, people who put in significantly more work than my welfaring ass should obviously be rewarded for it and improve faster.

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