Be A SCOR Team Manager for S3!

In S3 we will be launching a slimmed down of our team system and are excited to announce the hiring of team managers. This will be different than the team ownership process, as zero TPE will be given out to teams as rewards. This time period is to allow us to use the data to finish optimizing the Ownership System before launching it with T3.

Signups to manage a team will be starting May 15th and considerations will be made for those on Discord for communication purposes. While limitations won’t be made in terms of strength of team, a few rules will be applied to the construction of your team.

– Each team will consist 3 T2 Drivers and 2 T1 Drivers
– An owner must have completed one season in the league before eligibility as a manager
– Team creation won’t be a first come, first serve. Team managers will be chosen May 18th and their contracts with 2 T2 drivers and 1 T1 driver will be made on May 20th. The final spots will be filled via draft May 21st.

Roster as follows:
T2 D1 – [Signed] Primary 33% of Winnings
T2 D2 – [Signed] Primary 27% of Winnings
T2 D3 – [Drafted] Secondary 15% of Winnings
T1 D4 – [Signed] Primary 15% of Winnings
T1 D5 – [Drafted] Secondary 10% of Winnings

Payouts as follows:
1st – Owner (Free Garage) – $1,000,000 to the Team
2nd – Owner (Free Garage) – $700,000 to the Team
3rd – Owner (Free Garage) – $500,000 to the Team
4th – Owner (1/2 off Garage) – $300,000 to the Team
5th – Owner (1/2 off Garage) – $200,000 to the Team
6th – Owner (1/2 off Garage) – $100,000 to the Team

– FAQ’s –

Q. How much work is involved in being a Team Manager?
A. It’s very little! On the 18th and 19th, you have the ability to negotiate your driver slots that are designated for ‘signing’. Use them to entice drivers to your team and optimize your lineup. The remaining two team slots will be filled via the draft on the 20th. Draft order will be completely randomized for round one and then reverse order in round two.

Q. What is a Garage?
A. Many may ask what a garage is… Once T3 opens, the ability to Own a Race Team begins by owning a garage. Winning a free garage or getting a discounted one, you are well on your way if finishing in the Top 6!

Q. What are the awards for winning?
A. You will find the awards under ‘Payouts’. The Owner payouts will be listed on the left with the Driver payouts are on the right and will be spread out per the percentage breakdown of the roster. So be sure you negotiate for the best percent payout!