Be A Manager: Teams Released, Signing Period Begins – Signalling the start of our ‘Be a Manager’ program, we officially have 11 teams that will be fighting for a Top 6 finish in Season 3.  Before announcing the team names and managers, we would like to outline the rules for all participants and non-participants.

1. Each roster will consist of (3) Tier 2 drivers and (2) Tier 1 drivers and marked by percentage payout as follows.

T2 D1 – [Signed] Primary 33% of Winnings
T2 D2 – [Signed] Primary 27% of Winnings
T2 D3 – [Drafted] Secondary 15% of Winnings
T1 D1 – [Signed] Primary 15% of Winnings
T1 D2 – [Drafted] Secondary 10% of Winnings

2. Each manager will have the ability to sign (3) drivers, 2 from T2 and 1 from T1, prior to Sunday’s draft that commences at 10 a.m. EST.

3. Each manager that does not fulfill his/her ‘signed’ drivers will have provisional picks prior to the general draft.  Once all teams have their 3 starting drivers, the draft order will be determined by a randomized draw in the first round, with a snake order for the second round.

4. Points will be cumulative throughout the season with the payouts as follows:

1st – Owner (Free Garage) – $1,000,000 to Team
2nd – Owner (Free Garage) – $700,000 to Team
3rd – Owner (Free Garage) – $500,000 to Team
4th – Owner (1/2 off Garage) – $300,000 to Team
5th – Owner (1/2 off Garage) – $200,000 to Team
6th – Owner (1/2 off Garage) – $100,000 to Team

Season 3 Racing Teams:

LightSpeed Racing Team (LSRT) – Zoone16
Team With Average Talent – Nobody
TRU Racing – RyanPerlman
Belvedere Racing – JuOSu
XLR8 Motorsports – artermis/Boomer Gallant
Joe Dirt Racing – godsendconspirator
Rick James Motorsports – RHolder71
Double Rainbow Racing – DrunkenTeddy
Burnin’ Parms Motorsports – Insayne
Crash Team Racing – ckroyal92
Independence Racing – Ace08

Follow today’s signings live on Discord:

Link to SCORacing ‘Be A Manager’ spreadsheet:


    • With this being more of a fantasy facet this season, a driver isn’t locked in permanently… simply a season on this team to allow for testing on the system. A driver will have 100% say when it comes to signing or not signing with a team when it comes to the Team Ownership mode.

  1. Happy not to have to manage anyone or anything but I’m excited to see how the first season of this structure winds up playing out in the league.

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