A look at the STSC’s Fourth Season

The STSC will be entering its fourth season and thus far it looks like we are going to have some shakeups in the lowest rungs of professional racing.

First the reigning champion, the biggest fish in the smallest pond, Rick James has struggled out of the gate and is currently sitting in 28th place out of a total of 39. Now, I think it would be premature to say Rick James has lost his touch, but is has to be troubling for one of the most experienced racers in STSC that made winning look easy and may have stayed in the STSC to coast to a trophy does not even have a top 10 finish yet.

Steven O’Sullivan is a racer who some noticed in season 3 and he has only built from there in the offseason. O’Sullivan is currently sitting in first place with one win and another top 10 finish. He showed flashes of brilliance last season and now it may be the year he puts it together.

Bruce Wayne is another name that we may have recognized last season but had some ups and downs. It is still early, but if Wayne built on his experience from last season I would say he has a great shot at making some noise amongst a crowded STSC.

A personal favorite of mine is Jimbob Drivefast. Jimbob got his feet wet in season 3 but I believe if he puts in some time and keeps at it he could really surprise some people this season. It seems like he has the basics down….just drivefast!

Maxeem Caron Bouchard is a racer that had some issues finishes races in the past but so far the Canadian in the Marvel car has been showing that he actually does have what it takes to be a star. Bouchard is currently sitting in the STSC top 5 with a real shot to stay competitive throughout the season. This is another racer that has been underrated and looks poised to break out and make a name for himself.

Fabio is a racer whose name has bounced around from good racer to bad racer, and now trending upwards. Fabio is known for being one of the more aggressive drivers in the STSC and his pairing with DNF Delight this season just made sense considering the team’s marketing approach. If Fabio can stay aggressive and consistently finish races I think he can easily be a top 10 racer, but he already has had a poor race and we’re just beginning season 4.

Slim Dawg is a true rookie who has somehow found his way into the STSC top 10 early on in the season. I lot of people were placing bets on the young rookie to over perform because of his pedigree and commitment to the sport. It will be interested to see what kind of impact a true rookie can have when competing against veterans like O’Sullivan and James.

Another dark horse contender who has had a rough start is Lightning McQueen who ended up as one of the top finishes last season and decided to go for the STSC championship again. He is currently ahead of R. James who many saw as his primary competitor, but right now he has a lot of other hungry young racers to compete with!


  1. I still do not know why I’m in T1. I declared to move up after last season. Did I miss a deadline of some sort while I’ve been away?

  2. Glad to see STSC isn’t as sure a thing this season. Would have been nice last season, though this makes the management aspect even more thrilling with the prospect of drafting an unexpected gem.

  3. Honestly if it werent for you know who then T1 would be the most wide-open it’s ever been. Thankfully RNG is taking it’s toll.

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